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There is a cliché that says the pen is mightier than the sword, and in the business world that is certainly true.  The words written for and about your business can strongly influence  if you are successful or not.  You have sales letters, press releases,web content, blog posts and social media that need to be written.  Business plans, subject expert articles and white papers all help move your business forward through the written word.  YOU have talents that make YOUR business  what it is, but writing may not be one of them!  If the thought of having to write a sales letter makes your palms sweat…don’t sweat it, just call Word Angels.

Word Angels is a freelance writing service that takes your thoughts and ideas and makes them soar through the written word.  Whether it’s a one time press release or your weekly blog post, proof reading or editing, Word Angels can help get your business noticed through the written word.


Sample - Gannie

Sample - Blog Post

Sample - Fund Raising

Sample Press Release