Sample -Pinions (written for a non-profit website)

On the outer edge of a bird’s wing are the pinion feathers.  These are the feathers that actually allow a bird to fly.  Without these pinion feathers, a bird would not be able to take to the air.  Without the support of their spouses, our military men and women would not be able to make the sacrifices that they make in order to keep us free and safe. There are four key pinions that allow military families to fly – self, purpose, family, marriage.

Many military spouses struggle…they struggle with maintaining themselves during the challenges that occur because of deployments, constant moves, single parenting while being married.  They struggle understanding the purpose of their lives.  They struggle with keeping the family strong and intact when their partners are half a world away.  And they struggle with keeping the foundation of that family, their marriages, together when

faced with issues such as post traumatic stress disorder.  Wings for Women Conferences for Military Spouses are designed to lift up,

support and encourage military spouses. With the pinions of self, purpose, family and marriage, Wings for Women Conferences for Military Spouses will help women fly.

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